I've been posting my live trades in the library section (for subscribers only) but today I didn't give live commentary like I normally do. Where you can see why I entered the trade, my emotions, my exits, etc. This the only reason I'm posting the video on the blog. So Subscribers, don't worry, you guys still get the good stuff. This is just a message to those who are serious about making a change for 2016 in their trading career. Enough is Enough! Stop being distracted by the smoke and mirrors of the trading industry. Make a change! You can do it! Get the professional help you need to help you past your obstacles. If you're new to trading, invest in your education first. Click The Subscribe Button and leave a message on what you want to learn in regards to trading. We will be having some AMAZING coaching packages coming soon at Sucker-Free University. Simple, direct, and to the point content that you will turn you into a self sufficient trader. Stay Tuned and Trade Safe!   

GST @gap_swing_trader (instagram)