This is the last day of 2015 and it has been a pretty good week. I post these live trading videos this week for  a specific reason. I know in the videos I sound crazy and bugged out, but I'm not. I like to have fun and enjoy whatever I'm doing in live, even if its work. That being said, every time a new year begins people seem to want to make changes in their lives. They set goals and do whole lot of talking, but majority don't take action.  If you're new to trading or want to be more consistent, these videos are here to motivate you to be committed to your trading goals. Like I always say; "I'm no guru" I'm just a regular dude that trades and enjoys motivating people. The last 5 min of this video I have a "Real Talk" segment. I don"t mean to offend anyone, but since I'm in the keeping it real business, I'm going to tell you my opinion about trading. Trade Safe!