Some traders are really struggling now in the market. Broader market is moving down, but the stock I'm shorting is moving higher! The same thing happens when I go the other direction. This can be very depressing as well as an awaking. This may be a sign of "conscious UN-competence" when you know that, you don't know. In 2013 and 2014 anybody could have made money, when you look at the monthly charts of most securities they where trending higher and higher. We are in a sideways market, possibly heading in a down trend (Possibly). This is the market that separates the Sheep from the professionals. You've heard the term; "Survival of the fittest" well this is it. It's no reason to get frustrated and upset, you don't know any better. I don't mean to be offensive, but its the truth! It's in your best interest now to, get educated and get a clear understanding of the market before you lose all your money. Trade safe!