About Us

Hello, My name is Ernest, and I have been studying Financial Markets for the last thirteen years and I have been involved in trading many different financial instruments during that period. Most people who get started in the business of financial speculation slowly bleed their trading account completely unaware of the direction they are headed towards. I was conscious of that in the beginning of my career& decided to get a "Professional Traders Education". I had the opportunity to be coached by a retired Hedge-Fund Trader. We traded together side by side for over three years, and in that time period I developed the mastery I needed to take control of my trading career. I am here now to pass on the knowledge and experience I have, that makes me consistently profitable.

I decided to create a site to show you how simple trading can be.

No "Get rich quick" stuff, just profitable trading. .

There are a lot of trading websites that devalue the profession of trading by posting pictures of money and pushing clients more towards chat-room services, rather than one on one trader education. I'm still amazed how easily people would follow and pay for their services. We are here to help you become an Independent Professional Trader. We empower you to have the ability to take control of your trading career. That is why I decided to make"Sucker-Free" trading website. A site that wouldn't have all of the nonessential content that I see flooding the internet today. Fill free to contact us for a free consultation below. Watch Live Trading Videos

Now you see why I chose the name, no gimmicks here, real trading only! Click on the button below & you'll get access to our private library section of the site, as well as our informative content we send out regularly.